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Wireless Charging for Smartphone in Dacia Duster

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Reviews

In our days there is at least one smartphone in every house that has a car. And there are lots and lots of solutions to keeping the smartphone in a suitable position while driving and at the same time the holder not to be that big.


And if you seek a strong but minimalist design, you should try the Roundmount smartphone holder!

It can be ordered with the following phone holders:

Special features and restrictions:

This mount fills the technological gap between the circular ventilation vents and the central part of the cockpit. A greater resistance is noticeable when rotating the circular ventilation vents. It does not hinder daily use. Due to the very small technological gap, mount was made of thinner steel than in other cars. During assembly, be careful not to bend the mount. Only after installation in the car that it achieves full rigidity and functionality. You can mount it  between any two of the three vents.

The advantage of RoundMount is the ability to place the phone so that it is always within reach, but at the same time does not cover the ventilation vents. Comparing to the suction phone holders it doesn’t limit the driver’s field of view, it will not detach from the window in the least expected moment. This is a solution for users whose air vents due to the shape does not allow the installation of ordinary holder.

On the site you can order smartphone holders for:



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