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Dacia Duster Ph2 Failing Car Parts

Dacia Duster Ph2 Failing Car Parts

What parts and the aproximate miles of their fail in the Duster Phase 2 (2014-2018)? This is a topic meant to help drivers and new members, we are only interested in parts that...

Dacia Duster Problem at 47.000 KM

In this article I'm going to talk about how much a maintenance service costs and also about a problem I had with my Duster at around 47.000 KM. When I went to the dealership for...

Duster AT Tires Ranking Chart

The Source of Information There are a lot of Dacia Duster based gropus and forums online, where you can find variuos informations about technical problems and solutions, tire...

Duster 2018 Ad-Blue Fail

Duster 2018 Ad-Blue Fail Because the Ad-Blue system was introduced to the 1.5 dCi engine in september 2018 and my Duster was manufactured in october 2018, it had a small problem...

Custom EGR Valve Shield

The 2018 Dacia Duster model has a weak spot that cand be damaged very easy while offroading. This spot is represented by the EGR valve that is mounted on the exhaust pipe, almost...

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