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When I Almost Crashed My Duster

It was a normal day when my friend/camera operator Alex decided to go and shoot another offroad video. We set up to go on a trail that he knew, a trail he went on with its Can Am...

How To Drive Off Road 4×4

Very Important Rules 1. Study The Terrain Always in front of an unknown terrain, difficult and camouflaged by grass, puddles, stones or snow ... stop the car, get off and analyze...

Duster Stuck in Mud Again?

When my Duster got stuck in mud again... The dry hills On the first Sunday of March 2020 we decided to take advantage of the short time I had in the morning and go for an offroad...

Duster Stuck in Snow

How the Duster got stuck in snow... It was a beautiful January Monday afternoon and I wanted to take advantage of the amazing landscapes I have where I live. Besides, it was my...

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Welcome to my website. I’m an Duster owner with a thing for offroad drives and nature travels. With my drone and cameras I’m trying to share all my adventures with you.


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